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SpendLight Philosophy

Seriously? Yet Another Personal Finance Tool?

SpendLight approaches the task of personal budgeting differently. There are plenty of tools to help create a decent plan. SpendLight is all about learning to stick to the plan.

Its focus is on the behavioral aspects of spending. After all, the money does not spend itself. People make choices about how they spend their money; therefore, it makes sense to work on good spending as a behavior that can be learned.

Should I use SpendLight instead of EveryDollar or YNAB?

Those other tools are a fantastic way to plan and reconcile your budget. SpendLight spending journal will help improve your spending behavior so you can stick to your budget. SpendLight can also be very helpful for couples needing to coordinate spending. If both tools help you, use them both.

Spending Journal Questions

Why don't you allow me to import transactions directly from my bank?

While we realize that some folks might be attracted to the apparent convenience of less human input, we have many good reasons for not going that route.

  1. #mindfulness Building better spending habits requires thoughtful self-evaluation. Manual entry of spending forces you to take a moment to think.
  2. #focus We encourage folks to only record discretionary spending in SpendLight. Importing from the bank would add too much clutter with bills and fixed expenses.
  3. #cash Many folks use an envelope cash system. We think this can be a great strategy, and want to ensure that they can the full SpendLight experience.

Do I need a mobile phone to use SpendLight?

You can use SpendLight perfectly well using a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a web browser. While we think SMS journal entries are super convenient, you can use SpendLight without ever giving us your phone number. It's up to you.

How should I split or itemize my spending?

SpendLight is totally flexible. If, for example, you bought a variety of things at Target--some good decisions and some poor decisions--you can enter each approximate amount with the appropriate rating and category hashtags.

Will SpendLight be available outside the US?

Support for several English-speaking countries outside the US is planned for July 2020. If you would like early access for your country, send us a quick note.

Subscription Questions

Why isn't SpendLight free?

Charging for subscriptions is the only way we make money. We don't share any of your spending data with third parties like other "free" tools do.

Knowing that some folks are on a super strict budget, you can get some of the value by downloading our FREE printable spending journal.

Why no free trial for a SpendLight subscription?

A SpendLight subscription is pretty affordable. If you're serious about becoming a better spender and you think SpendLight could help you, we think you'll find little reason to delay.

If you really don't want to pay for a subscription yet, no hard feelings. Please try our FREE printable spending journal.

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