Become a Better Spender

Improve your spending habits one decision at a time. Save tons of money for the rest of your life.

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What's SpendLight?


A simple SMS text message is all it takes to record your spending. Downloading an app is totally unnecessary.

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How It Works

Every Spending

The foundation of any behavior change is thoughtful self-assessment. SpendLight encourages a virtuous cycle of evaluating your own habits. See Also
Why It Matters


Track improvement of the most import factors that contribute to better spending behavior. You may not control everything about your financial situation. But you can control every spending decision. Are you making the right decision under the circumstances?

Boost Spending Intelligence

SpendLight provides a framework that will change the way you think about every spending decisions.

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How to Improve Your Spending Behavior

Learning to control your spending is a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life. Find out what makes the SpendLight system so effective.

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Keep It Truly Simple

Focus your effort to the tasks that really matter. Don't sweat highly detailed categorization or itemization. Instead, focus on developing a habit of self-evaluation.

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Track Decisions....
Not Just Dollars

If you're going to spend time reviewing your speding, it's way more useful to consider the influences upon your behavior than it is to track down every penny.


Deal With The Unexpected

Life doesn't always go according to plan.

Even if an unplanned life event breaks your budget, you still ought to note whether you reacted wisely to the circumstances.

In the long run, your financial progress is determined by the quality your decisions.

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Celebrate Every #NoSpend Day

SpendLight automatically highlights your #NoSpend days every month.

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Embrace Weekly Feedback Loops

Most bills are paid monthly. But most of your discretionary spending is more naturally tracked on a weekly basis.

Mark your progress week by week.

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Add a Spending Buddy

As you record and rate your spending, your spending partner is notified via SMS or email. They are invited to react with a rating of their own.

Spendlight a perfect tool to maintain accountability or just stay on the same page.

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Include the Whole Family

Add as many spenders as you want to your shared spending journal.

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