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"If you have trouble sticking to a budget or just want to stop spending too much money, I'm building a tool precisely for you."

-David Larsen
Founder, SpendLight

What is

SpendLight is a ridiculously helpful, no-nonsense spending journal. It's based on behavioral science to help improve spending behavior

Build Better Spending Habits

SpendLight will change the way you think about your spending decisions. Learning to control your spending is a skill that will reward you for the rest of your life.

Keeps It Truly Simple

Focus your effort to the tasks that really matter. Don't sweat highly detailed categorization or itemization. Instead, focus on developing a pattern self-evaluation.

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Most Convenient Way to Record Spending

Record your spending with a simple SMS text message from your phone.

Track Decisions....
Not Just Dollars

In the long term, the most important thing is to make wise decisions with your money. Your income and expenses will change, but good spending habits will last a lifetime.

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Embrace Weekly Feedback Loops

Most bills are due only once a month. But most of your discretionary spending can be tracked on a weekly basis. Mark your progress in SpendLight week by week.

Practice Self-Evaluation

The foundation of any behavior change is thoughtful self-assessment. SpendLight encourages a virtuous cycle of evaluating your own habits.

No Spend

SpendLight automatically tracks your #NoSpend days every month.

Add a Spending Buddy

As you record and rate your spending, your spending partner is notified via SMS or email. They are invited to react with a rating of thier own. It's a perfect tool to maintain accountability or just stay on the same page.

Fun for the Whole Family

Add as many spenders as you want to your spending journal.

Our Values

Don't Be Creepy. Private Means Private.

Data on your spending behavior is incredibly valuable to online marketers. These days so many "free" apps and websites come at the cost of your personal privacy.

Not so with SpendLight. We will never sell any of your data. You an export all of your data at any time. Our incentives are 100% aligned with our users. We build a tool to help you on your journey to become a better spender... you pay us a few bucks.

No Free Plan

Free plans make sense for busineses that sell your data to advertisers or are primarily trying to attract customers (usually businesses) with deeper pockets.

SpendLight doesn't fit that description. We're a tool for folks who may be on a tight budget. We're a tool for folks who would rather pay a few bucks than have their financial data sold to marketers.

No Long Term Commitment Required

If you're not sure if SpendLight will be helpful, you can take it one week at a time.

So why then do we give a discount if you sign up for a longer period of time? Are we trying to trick you into spending more money?

Nope. It mostly comes down to the costs of payment processing. There's the direct cost of payment processing fees and the time spent managing each payment. No tricks. We're just trying to operate efficiently.

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